Hello, I'm Augustine Thomas

I am a product designer. I was born and raised in India. I flew to Charlotte North Carolina for college. I am currently pursing my Masters in Information Technology with a specialization in Human Computer Interaction at UNC Charlotte. Prior to this, I completed by undergraduate studies in Electronics Engineering.

The shift in my career happened during my undergraduate studies when I was working on a project based on IOT, the time when I learned about design-thinking and how it is used to tackle problems. Starting as designer I had the opportunity to work on different types of projects in various domains.Eventually I started relating it with my passion towards arts. I am an  expression artist and I use my art to tell stories and with my new found love for design I started communicating to the people by crafting product experiences. It is really fascinating how a tiny little change could massively impact people’s life.

I like to see a product as means for a business to communicate with the people. And as a product designer it is my job to make this communication as simple as possible. Coming from an engineering and design background I  anchor my decisions towards technical feasibility, aesthetic appearance and practicality.

Apart from this I love painting, my life revolves around telling stories through my paintings and crafting product experiences. I also like to play basketball in my free time

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