BILL SPend & expense

Streamlining Onboarding with
Self-Serve Delight

About BILL

BILL Spend & Expense is the all-in-one expense management solution that combines free software with corporate cards to provide you with real-time visibility and customizable control over your business finances.


Onboarding new users for spend and expense management platform was time-consuming process and requiring extensive setup support with account managers.

The friction in onboarding lead to slower adoption, especially for smaller businesses with limited resources. Users often feel limited, unable to customize their experience or access features they need to start using their business credit

My Role and Responsibility

I worked as a Design Lead on the team, running design sprints, workshops, carrying out market research, developing a conceptual framework, defining a product vision, developing metrics, creating a roadmap, designing MVP flow diagrams, functional prototypes, and completing usability tests.

I collaborated closely with PM, UX researcher, engineers, sales team and data analysts. We were able to publicly launch 2 high impact projects in a rapid timeline of under 6 months, from idea to implementation.


We introduced a self-serve onboarding experience that empowers users to quickly and easily set up their spend and expense accounts.

Track  Card Delivery Like a Pro

No more "where's my card?" anxieties and CX tickets. Track card delivery in real-time with estimated arrival dates

Activation at Your Fingertips

No more waiting on hold or navigating complex instructions. Activate your physical cards instantly with just a few clicks.

Virtual Cards in a Flash

Need immediate access to your credit line? worry not. All new users are provided with a secure virtual card with  how to use animation.

We believed that a fundamental overhaul of the new user experience flow would result in higher activation rates for new self-serve customers. Our hypothesis was that an assisted account setup would enable users to quickly and easily spend on their business while ensuring more effective use of our expense management tool than our existing passive tooltip/feature-based approach.
BILL SPend & expense

Guided account setup for self-serve customers

Account Setup Checklist

The guided account setup checklist functions like a visual roadmap, breaking down the process into digestible steps with simple and actionable instructions. Each step is clearly labeled and numbered, providing a sense of progress and transparency.

Guided First Payment

We are hand hand-in-hand with you, helping you use your BILL card for the first time. That's exactly what this feature feels like!

Promoting User Atonomy

Empowering users with a comprehensive library of interactive guides and knowledge base.

Contextual Learning

Real-time tips and guidance embedded within the flow help users avoid errors and navigate features confidently.

Seamless Integration

Direct two-way sync runs automatically or on-demand with leading accounting systems or use CSV template import and export for effortless data synchronization and expense reporting.

The Impact

BILL's self-serve onboarding experience has simplified the way businesses manage spend and expense accounts. This intuitive and user-friendly approach has led to

Increased employee satisfaction: Faster access to cards and simplified activation eliminates frustration and empowers employees.

Reduced administrative burden: Streamlined processes automate tasks, freeing up valuable time for HR and finance teams.

Improved operational efficiency: Real-time tracking and instant virtual cards ensure seamless transitions and eliminate logistical delays.

Want to see the full case study?

This is just a preview BILL's self-serve onboarding experience. My full case study dives deeper into the design process, the challenges overcome, and the resulting impact on both user experience and business operations.I’d be happy to share it with you. Reach out to me and we can set a time to talk.