Redefining iHeart's Library

Launched a new iHeart library, transforming it from a mere repository of songs and podcasts to a dynamic hub for personalized discovery from familiar favourites to fresh finds

iHeart is an audio service provider specializing in  brodcasting audio and on-demand audio service. iHeart now has over 160M  registered users across 250 platforms.
During my time with the flagship mobile UX team, I was focused on transforming the iHeart library experience from a mere repository of songs, radio stations and podcasts to a dynamic hub for personalized discovery and unlocking deeper engagement.

I played a key role in shaping the product direction, identifying areas for improvement, and working with the PM & engineering team to scope requirements, execute end-to-end flows, and secure leadership buy-in.

The Design Goal

Library should be a vibrant destination for millions of iHeart users, fostering longer engagement, boosting audio discovery, and ultimately strengthening the connection between users and the music they love.

Library Lists

Addressing how users access their content when opening the app. I designed the list items to feel as if they were buttons, which improves accuracy when using the app. It became apparent during the design process that secondary cues would aid listeners in finding and exploring what they are looking for more quickly.

Separating content with Tabs

I carefully considered how user associate library contents to real life and segmented the content by user actions. This provided another way for users to quickly navigate to what they are seeking in the moment.

Driving New User Engagment

To drive engagement from the moment you sign up, I designed a new zero state library that encourages users to explore iHeart's vast content repository along with a "You may also like" section that is powered by our recommendation engine, allowing users to

Offline Library

Over 30% instances of streaming is done in no network situations like air travel. This offline interaction was designed to ensure uninterrupted listening to the downloaded content in no network situations like air travel.

Want to see the full case study?

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